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一、            用所给单词的适当形式填空

1.      Look! A wallet __________ (lie) on the ground.

2.      July likes drawing. She wants to be a __________ (design) in the future.

3.      All the children __________ (sure) like this new game.

4.      Do you think air __________ (pollute) is a big problem?

5.      What ______ you ________ (do) when your father went back yesterday?

6.      Do you feel life is __________ (good) now than before.

7.      It’s good __________ (do) exercises in the morning.

8.      The shop __________ (build) last month.

9.      ______ they ________ (see) the film recently?

10.  I’m afraid you can’t borrow that book, because it __________ (borrow) by someone.

二、            完成对话

A: hello, Bruce, here is the book. You lent it to me last month. Thank you very much.

B: Oh, you’re welcome, Sam. _____1____

A: Very much. I’m sorry to have kept it so long. I haven’t had much time for reading.

B: That’s all right. ____2____

A: Have you got any more books written by the same writer?

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