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Unit 2 Text B Making the choice to be truly beautiful翻译,原文和录音

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Making the choice to be truly beautiful

1 Extreme makeovers are all the rage these days with too many people addicted to Botox injection parties and reality shows. Plastic surgery is on the rise. Many people are trying to match the extraordinary measures actors and actresses go through to look perfect on the screen. Yet the shortcuts to create biomedical happiness by having surgery taking supplements or dieting don't usually fulfill their promise. Besides beautiful people are not automatically happy people.

2 Attaining the highest degree of your beauty is not about looking good during social interaction or physiological perfection and you can't get there via technology. It's a growth process a transformation of self through awareness and learning. It's about meaning and being real. It's an emotional and spiritual walk and it requires faith fueled with liberal doses of loving kindness.

3 Every day I have the delight and privilege of loving Richard my husband a real human emotionally accessible man. We're about the same age and our looks have corroded a bit over time. After almost 20 years though we have grown together in ways that go far deeper than the surface of our skin. Our life is lovely even if it doesn't match the criterion of love in movie fantasies. We laugh together we share the struggles of daily life together and the thought that he might die before I do fills me with dread. All the muscle-bound male models in the world couldn't replace my very own sensual outgoing friend. It took me 37 years to find him and I'm not about to replace him with the so-called "esthetic perfection".

4 I work as a psychotherapist and clients come to my office every day scarred with emotional pain because their lives aren't "perfect" enough. They feel inadequate hopeless and frustrated with jealousy because they can't attain life as they see it on the big screen. It helps when I preface our sessions with the mention that tens of thousands of dollars go into every second of media they see that stars have dozens of people devoted exclusively to making them look good (even when they're naked) that the effort of maintaining their images is an exhausting full-time job. The "beautiful" people in the media are under enormous pressure to maintain their looks and for some reason my clients don't realize that they're exempt from that predominant pressure.

5 I underscore that all the face creams physical workouts dietary fads Prozac capsules and meditation regiments in the world aren't going to make their lives their bodies or their mental state much better. In fact they often hamper happiness by distracting from the things that lead to real inner beauty. Life is not about maintaining some young and stylish outward costume to hide behind. It's about growing and deepening your soul.

6 The only way I know to develop my soul is through feelings. Witnessing natural phenomena  the star-lit galaxy a centuries-old redwood the symphony of birds' songs in spring  stretches it making me feel humble and majestic all at the same time. Human relationships bruise collide and comfort teaching me maturity and passion. Love urges my soul to blossom and glow affection elicits feelings of eternity and so I learn to accept others as they are.

7 The humans in my life are not the barren self-absorbed "beautiful people" of the screen. We're ordinary real imperfect people. Together we work hard stumbling through life trying to be our best selves knitting together families and friendships and striving to illuminate the world with our personal ethics and aspirations.

8 We come from numerous backgrounds and we don't always approve of each other's decisions but we care for each other the best we can. We struggle to be less self-indulgent more compassionate and understanding. We try to resist the lure of novelty fads the manipulations of advertising. We survive through social phenomena that we don't agree with through interwoven natural and unnatural disasters that take our loved ones and possessions through fads and fancies that are often unhealthy. From each event we learn we stretch we sometimes fracture we process the emotional outcome and we move on. These life events are the soul's workout and though we may groan and complain we can feel the growth eventually.

9 The secret is that this growth is visible to others and the effort registers on one's entire being. It becomes an authentic element that makes the spirit glow radiantly like that of a saint. Have you ever seen an elderly person like that one whose wisdom shows in his eyes and whose love is evident as he gently enquires about your health or offers a brief sentiment that calms and affirms? The spirit that shines from within this person is true beauty and it can't be bought in a jar.

10 The miracle is that each of us has the total capacity to achieve this perspective this fullest embodiment of the highest expression of soul even as our mortal bodies wear out and degenerate.

11 In other words true beauty is not about looks. It's about choices. As we move through life and grow through each of its checkpoints we should seek out and build the kinds of experiences that reveal and purify our divine inner beauty. We must look at our own lives and decisions from a more valuable perspective than the media's shallow eye.

12 The decisions we make today affect the rest of our lives. We ourselves are ultimately the only people to whom we are accountable and for whom we are responsible. Each new decision we make can be a new resolution to build the beautiful future we long to have.









我们来自各种不同的背景,而且有时意见相左,但是我们尽力互相关心。我们努力消除自己的任性,努力使自己更具同情心、更宽容。我们努力抗拒新奇事物的潮流的诱惑及广告的操纵。我们会经历自己并不赞同的社会现象,经历那些夺走我们所挚爱的人和财物的错综交织的自然及人为灾难, 经历不良的时尚和幻想。但从每一例这样的事件中,我们都不断地学习、成长。我们有时也会发生分歧,也要处理分歧对感情所带来的影响,然后继续前行。这些人生经历是对我们心灵的历练。虽然我们会抱怨、发牢骚,我们终会感受到自己的成长。