编辑:给力英语新闻 更新:2018年2月13日 作者:纽约时报(By MIKE IVES, CHARLES McDERMID)


Here’s your Morning Briefing:


• A huge oil spill — one unlike any before — is beginning to contaminate some of the most crucial fishing grounds in Asia.

• 一起前所未有的大型石油泄漏正在开始污染亚洲一些最重要的渔场。

Up to 111,000 metric tons of condensate, a toxic, almost invisible type of petroleum, has spilled from an Iranian tanker after its fiery collision with a cargo ship in the East China Sea last month. Above, fishermen in China.


_____ _____

“期待在堪培拉见到你,哈利。”澳大利亚总理马尔科姆·特恩布尔听到特朗普总统准备提名美国太平洋司令部高级军事司令小哈利·B·哈里斯上级担任驻澳大利亚大使后说道。 JASON REED/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

• “Look forward to seeing you in Canberra, Harry.”

• “期待在堪培拉见到你,哈利。”

That was Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, on news that President Trump plans to nominate Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., the top U.S. military commander in the Pacific, as his ambassador to Australia. The post hasn’t been occupied since 2016.

澳大利亚总理马尔科姆·特恩布尔(Malcolm Turnbull)听到特朗普总统准备提名美国太平洋司令部高级军事司令小哈利·B·哈里斯上级(Harry B. Harris Jr.)担任驻澳大利亚大使后说道。这个职位自2016年以来一直空缺。

The news may be less welcome in Beijing. Admiral Harris has taken a hard line against Beijing’s “provocative and expansionist” base-building.


Join today’s discussion in our Australian Facebook group on how the posting may affect Australia’s already tense relationship with China.


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• From the Winter Olympics: The Dutch team swept the first women’s speed skating event and Mikael Kingsbury of Canada won gold in moguls skiing. Here’s our full coverage from Pyeongchang.

• 来自冬奥会:荷兰队在第一场女子速滑比赛中大获全胜,加拿大的米卡埃尔·金斯伯里(Mikael Kingsbury)获得自由式滑雪男子雪上技巧金牌。这里是我们对平昌的完整报道。

Russian nationalist fervor is very present, despite the official ban for the country’s state-backed doping scheme. (Our “Daily” podcast has the best account yet of how that unfolded.)


And one of our most popular stories today is a throwback: In 1982, the Norwegian cross-country skier Oddvar Bra collided with a skier from the Soviet Union. Somehow, a national myth was born. So far, Norway is leading the medal count.

我们今天最受欢迎的报道之一是一个回顾:1982年,挪威越野滑雪运动员奥得瓦尔·布拉(Oddvar Bra)与来自苏联的滑雪运动员展开了激烈的竞争。不管怎么样,一个民族神话由此诞生了。截至目前,挪威在奖牌数量上处于领先地位。

_____ _____


• The Philippines barred its citizens from traveling to Kuwait for employment and began flying workers home after reports that the body of an abused Filipino domestic worker was found in a Kuwaiti apartment freezer.

• 在报道称一名被虐待的菲律宾家政工人的尸体被发现藏在科威特一间公寓的冷箱里之后,菲律宾禁止该国公民前往科威特工作,并开始把在那里的菲律宾工人带回国内。

About half a million Filipinos live in Kuwait, most employed as domestic workers, and President Rodrigo Duterte said they were subject to a “repugnant” level of abuse.

大约有50万菲律宾人居住在科威特,其中大多数人的职业是家政工人,该国总统罗德里戈·杜特地(Rodrigo Duterte)表示,他们受到的虐待程度“令人反感”。

Separately, Mr. Duterte was criticized for having boasted of ordering soldiers to shoot female communist guerrillas in the genitals.


_____ _____


• President Trump is unveiling a $1.5 trillion plan for what he’s called “gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, railways and waterways all across our land.”

• 特朗普总统公布了一项投资金额达1.5万亿美元(约合9.5万亿人民币)的计划,他称该计划将带来“遍布美国的簇新公路、桥梁、高速公路、铁路和航道”。

The White House also announced its budget request, including large increases for the military, deep cuts in domestic programs and entitlements, and money for a return to the moon.


Our Washington correspondent says the budget has “little to no chance of being enacted as written.”


_____ _____


• Crime or misdemeanor?

• 犯罪还是行为失检?

Sony’s animated “Peter Rabbit” has been doing fairly well at the box offices (though a distant second to the far less family-friendly “Fifty Shades Freed”).

索尼(Sony)的动画片《比得兔》(Peter Rabbit)在票房上取得了不错的成绩(虽然距离不适合全家一起观看的电影《五十度飞》[Fifty Shades Freed]差了一段距离)。

But Sony felt compelled to apologize after parents in the U.S. and Australia complained about the scene where the young rabbits fire a blackberry into Mr. McGregor’s mouth, sending him into anaphylactic shock.


For the record, our critic preferred “Shaun the Sheep Movie.”

郑重声明,我们的影评人更喜欢《小羊肖恩》(Shaun the Sheep Movie)。




• Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be joined by more than 20 business leaders from Australia on a trip to Washington next week. The group includes the billionaire packaging magnate Anthony Pratt, a friend of President Trump’s who is building factories in the U.S.

• 澳大利亚总理马尔科姆·特恩布尔(Malcolm Turnbull)将与来自该国的20多位商界领袖于下周访问华盛顿。其中包括亿万富翁、包装业巨头安东尼·普拉特(Anthony Pratt),他是特朗普总统的朋友,正在美国建厂。

• The old American Stock Exchange building in New York briefly took on a new life — as a fashion runway. Our chief fashion critic took the opportunity to meditate on finance and style.

• 位于纽约的美国证券交易所大楼旧址作为时尚秀场短暂地重新焕发生机。我们的首席时尚评论员借此机会对金融和风格作出了思考。

• Funds that track financial indexes, now a dominant force on Wall Street, acted as accelerants in recent turmoil.

• 追踪金融指数的基金现在是华尔街主导力量,它在近期的股市动荡中扮演了促进剂的角色。

• Many markets in Asia and Europe rose Monday, but Australia’s benchmark index fell again. U.S. stocks were up sharply. Here’s a snapshot of global markets.

• 亚洲和欧洲的许多股市周一上涨,但澳大利亚的基准指数再次下跌。美国股市大幅上涨。这是全球市场一览。

In the News



• In northeast India, a speeding train plowed into a herd of elephants, killing five and adding to building criticism of the railways over the painful number of such collisions. [The New York Times].

• 在印度东北部,一辆快速行驶的火车撞上了一群大象,导致其中五头死亡,由于类似的事故太多,导致人们对铁路的批评越来越多。(《纽约时报》)

• Prime Minister Turnbull’s office said Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce did not breach government policy when the staff member he was dating was employed by fellow lawmakers, saying she could not be considered his “partner” at the time. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

• 澳大利亚总理马尔科姆·特恩布尔(Malcolm Turnbull)的办公室表示,副总理巴纳比·乔伊斯(Barnaby Joyce)没有违反政府政策,当时他约会的那名工作人员受雇于其他国会议员,并称那位女士当时不应该被算作他的“伴侣”。(《悉尼先驱晨报》)

• Mr. Turnbull highlighted improvements in education and reductions in infant mortality for Indigenous communities, but said that future policies should focus more closely on the communities, not broad policy targets. [ABC]

• 总理马尔科姆·特恩布尔强调了在原住民群体的教育和婴儿死亡率方面取得的进步,但表示,未来的政策应该更进一步地关注社群,而不是宽泛的政策目标。(ABC)

• The police in Israel arrested a woman who fled Australia in 2008 after she was charged with sexual abuse of three girls at an ultra-Orthodox Jewish school she headed in Melbourne. [Haaretz]

• 以色列警方逮捕了一名在2008年逃离澳大利亚的女性,她被控在墨尔本一家极端正统的犹太学校里性侵三名女孩,她当时是那所学校的校长。(《国土报》)

• Cyclone Gita battered Tonga, and kept New Zealand on alert. [Radio New Zealand]

• 飓风“吉塔”(Gita)席卷汤加,新西兰保持警惕。(新西兰广播电台)

• “Half-paradise, half-hell”: The Maldives is in a power struggle that could pull India and China into conflict. [The New York Times Editorial Board]

• “一半天堂,一半地狱”:马尔代夫身陷严峻危机,可能会把印度和中国拉入冲突。(《纽约时报》社论编委会)

• The Catholic Church in Victoria, Australia, appears to be far wealthier than it lets on, raising new scrutiny of its efforts to avoid or minimize compensation payments over child sexual abuse. [The Age]

• 澳大利亚维多利亚州的天主教会似乎远比它表现出来的富有得多,由此引发了对该机构试图避免或在最大限度上减少支付儿童性虐待案件赔偿金的新一轮审查。(《世纪报》)

• Good news: Two drugs have been found to stave off the spread of prostate cancer for as much as two years. The highest rates of the disease are found in Australia and New Zealand. [The New York Times]

• 好消息:已发现有两种药物能延缓前列腺癌的扩散长达两年。这种疾病在澳大利亚和新西兰的发病率最高。(《纽约时报》)




• She’s off! Our 52 places travel columnist — who beat out more than 13,000 other applicants for the job — has started her whirlwind world tour in the Big Easy. She found plenty to celebrate in New Orleans.

• 她出发了!我们的“全球最值得去的52个地方”旅行专栏作者——战胜了超过1.3万名这份工作的申请者——在自由城(Big Easy)开始了她的旋风式全球之旅。她在新奥尔良找到了很多值得庆祝的东西。

• Portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama were unveiled, mixing paint and politics.

• 贝拉克和米歇尔·奥巴马的肖像画公布了,它混合了绘画与政治。

• In memoriam: Asma Jahangir, 66, a rights activist in Pakistan who defended the rule of law and criticized the military’s interference in politics.

• 哀悼:巴基斯坦活动人士阿斯马·贾汉吉尔(Asma Jahangir)维护了法制,批评军方对政治的介入,终年66岁。

Back Stoy



As the end of a particularly bad flu season approaches in many parts of the world, you’re probably accustomed to hearing “achoo!”


But there’s not actually a global consensus on how to react to a sneeze or the derivation of customary responses.


While it’s unnecessary in Japan and parts of China to comment, many countries use a version of “(God) bless you.”


The sneezer’s welfare is the main concern. Germans say “gesundheit” (health), while Turks say “çok yaşa” (may you live long).

打喷嚏的人的健康是关注的重点。德国人说“gesundheit”(健康),土耳其人则说“çok yaşa”(祝你长寿)。

Sometimes the response is dictated by the number of sneezes. In parts of Latin America, the first sneeze is met with “health,” the second with “money,” and the third with “love.” The Dutch wish you “health” for your first two sneezes before the third time turns into “good weather tomorrow.”


Health-based wishes seem self-explanatory, but the origin of “God bless you” is uncertain.


The most popular theory is that Pope Gregory I started it by blessing a person infected with the plague. But it’s probably not true.

最受欢迎的理论是,教皇格里高利一世(Pope Gregory I)为一个感染了瘟疫的人赐福,从而开创了这个传统,但这个故事应该不是真的。

Academics believe saying “bless you” to a sneezer can be traced back even earlier — some say to 77 A.D., others to Greek mythology.


Anna Schaverien对本文有报道贡献。