Taste of sb's Own Medicine 以彼之道 还施彼身

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We all know that medicine is what doctors give you to help you feel better. 我们都知道“药”是医生开给你用来缓解病情的。


So, are Anna and Jonathan now giving drugs to people? 所以,安娜和乔纳森 现在开始给人开药了么?

Josh did it to me again! I invited him for a night of karaoke. 乔希又这样对待我! 我邀请了他来参加晚上的卡拉OK。

He promised to go, but then didn’t show up! You should give him a taste of his own medicine. 他答应了来,但是没出现!你应该以彼之道,还施彼身

Next time he invites you to karaoke, say yes, but don’t go. I can’t do that. I love karaoke. I have to go! 下次他邀请你去卡拉OK, 你先答应,然后就别去。我做不到。我很喜欢卡拉OK。我必须去!

Giving someone a taste of their own medicine means doing something to another person because he or she did it to you. 以彼之道, 还施彼身 意思是用别人对待你的方式 来对待他们。

It is meant to send a message to the other person. 这是有意向别人传达这样的信息。

So it is usually a bad thing-- like promising to go to karaoke,but then not going. 因此这样的事情是很不好的——比如答应了别人要去卡拉OK,但是最后却没有去。

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Taste of one’s own medicine. 体会自己的行为给别人带来的感受。

He was a troublemaker as a teenager. Now that his son has reached the rebellious age, he will get a taste of his own medicine. 他十几岁时是个捣蛋鬼,现在儿子到了反叛年龄,他可以体验一下当年父母的感受了。